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Iditarod 2000 -'Sponsor-a-dog' Program

As part of our fundraising we offered people the opportunity to sponsor an Iditarod dog. For $200 Cdn. they got their name listed on this website, one of our limited edition prints by BC artist Denise Linley, a certificate with the name of their dog, and their name embroidered onto the dog's Iditarod harness.

Thirty two dogs were up for sponsorship. Twenty of these will accompany us up to Alaska next year and only 16 will be chosen for our team. We cannot guarantee any dog will make the final 16 - but certificates and prints will be issued regardless of whether or not the dog participates in Iditarod.

All Dogs are now spoken for - THANK YOU to all for your support!

The Dogs in the Training Pool

Ch. The Professor of NorthWapiti CD, SDU, TT

'Spud' is one of our main leaders. Although he will be 8 1/2 by Iditarod, will still count on him being on our team.


Spud has been sponsored by R & D Brown of Burlington, Ontario. Thanks guys!

Ch. NorthWapiti's Mr. Thurston Howl SDU
A brother to Spud, Buddy, and Gilligan 'Howl' is also a leader. Truly one of the most serious working sled dogs I have ever met! He lives to work!


    Howl says 'Thanks' to Linda Crowley of New York for sponsoring his Iditarod run!

NorthWapiti's Little Buddy SDU
Everyone always asks which dog is my 'favorite'. Well this one is Karen's favorite. A wonderful leader - driving Buddy is like having power steering - and a true friend!

Buddy has been sponsored by one of the few people in the world that he truly loves - Jim Murray of Calgary, Alberta. Jim is Karen's brother - Thanks Jim!

NorthWapiti's Gilligan SD
'Gilligan' bounced through 2 homes before deciding to permenantly coming back to live with us. The last 2 years he has really proven how lucky for us that was. Leading for a good part of the past 2 race season. A popular dog because of his wonderful copper coloring!


    Gilligan sends his thanks to Chrissy Schulz of Cowichan Bay, BC for sponsoring him!

BIS Ch. Chuchinka's Dance In The Wind SDX
'Breezy' is a remarkable dog - a multi all breed Best in Show winning dog and a true working sled dog. She was #6 Siberian Husky show dog in Canada in 1996.


    Breezy thanks her friends from the Grande Prairie Regional Kennel Club for sponsoring her!

Ch. NorthWapiti's Oreo
'Oreo' is a multiple Group Placing show dog and a true 'cheerleader' in harness. She is just starting to work in lead.


    'The Cookie Monster' has been sponsored by her good friends Jessica, Lynda,and Dwayne of Grande Prairie, Alberta!

The Flying Nun of NorthWapiti
'Sissy' is one of my few female leaders. A little shy with strangers, but a bossy confident gal in harness.


    Sissy wishes to thank Edna Perks and the rest of the gang at Cairnorth Kennels in Grande Prairie for sponsoring her!

NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy SD
We often refer to 'Butchie' as our 'scud missile'. With him in lead - you know that you are going somewhere FAST - you are just not certain where it is you are going! We are busy fine tuning his leading skills for Iditarod!


    Butchie is happy to be sponsored by his favorite junior mushers - Lyndsay, Jennifer, and Andrew Ramstead of Colinton, Alberta. Thanks guys!

NorthWapiti's Doc Holiday SD
'Doc' is one of our up and coming leaders. Karen and Doc have made a 'pact' together - vowing they are going to Nome together!


    Doc sends thanks to Cooper, Corrine, Wilson, Brian and Nadine Ramstead of Kirkland, Washington for sponsoring him! He's worried that if the family gets any bigger before Iditarod that he will need a bigger harness :)

NorthWapiti's Sundance Kid
'Sunny' is a love. A team dog he is a hard worker and a value to our team!

    Sunny thanks Dona Miller of Loveland, Colorado for sponsoring him!

Chuchinka's Torino
'Mork' is a big, leggy boy. His huge appetite and good work ethic make him a asset to our team!


    Mork has been sponsored by his breeders and our dear friends, Bob & Loreen Bridges of Prince George, BC. Bridges are also the breeders of Breezy, Chester, and Lacey. Without the support they have shown us over the years - we would not be in a position to run Iditarod. Thank you so much guys!

NorthWapiti's Meomar Iceman
'Icey' is the next generation of main leaders in our kennel. He has already led for us in many races. We are positive he will be in front for much of Iditarod.


    Icey has been sponsored by some very special friends of ours - Jackie & Chris Marshall of Invermere, BC. In 1989 Marshalls sold us our first Siberian. They also were responsible for Karen's first time behind a dogteam!! We are VERY grateful to them!

NorthWapiti's Meomar Black Ice

'Slik' is a unique dog - almost human like in his habits. His oddly colored eyes usually stop visitors dead in their tracks!


Slik has been sponsored by Karen's Mom, Morna Murray of Calgary. Thanks Mom!

NorthWapiti's Guy Smiley
'Smiley' is a good looking happy team dog. Puts on a huge 'performance' when he gets left in the yard for a training run!


    Smiley is happy to say that Jackie Symonds and 'the Siberians with the southern drawl' from Sienna Run in South Carolina have sponsored him!

NorthWapiti's Super Grover
One of the best things about our trip to Minnesota was discovering this boy's ability to lead! When he was put into lead, the look on his face seemed to say 'it is about time!'. It was!


    Grover gives a big kiss to our good friend from Alaska, Jamie West Banks for sponsoring him! He says he'll see you next year Jamie!

NorthWapiti's Mr. Snuffleupagus
'Gus' is just starting to work in lead, but it sure seems to be his favorite place in the team.


    Gus thanks Melissa and Terry Beers of California for sponsoring him!

NorthWapiti's Camilla
A little dynamo in harness. 'Camilla' is a strong puller- especially for her size!

Elsie Chadwick, the lovely woman that maintains the archives for the Siberian Husky Club of Canada has sponsored Camilla!

Kainai's Nemehtowak
'Hawk' This striking sable colored boy is a good team dog with a 'never quit' attitude!  

Hawk is please to announce that he has been sponsored by his breeder, Vivian Delude of Lethbridge

NorthWapiti's Samhu Ice
'Sam' is a compact, tough little male. Good team dog.


    Sammie has been sponsored by John & Cynthia Carswell of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We are sure that their NorthWapiti Siberians, Zoe and Rizzo had something to do with convincing them to sponsor Sammie!

Tumnatki Bosen NorthWapiti

'Striker' is a well built, hard working sled dog - and darn handsome too!


'Striker' wishes to thank his breeder, Karen Damoth Yeargain of Sisters, Oregon for sponsoring him.

Alaskan's Georgio of Anadyr
'Joey's' bloodlines make her well suited for Iditarod - her daddy is a 2 time finisher. We have already started working her in lead.


'Joey' has been sponsored by Karen's uncle, Art Shilling of Bothell, Washington. Thanks Uncle Art!

Hawk's NorthWapiti Vindicator
'Jake' is big and leggy. He is always the first one to want to get up and get going down the trail!


Jake wishes to thanks Marcie Yont of Calgary, Alberta for being kind enough to sponsor him!

NorthWapiti's Orion the Hunter
We are positive this son 'Minnow', our now deceased sister of Howl, Buddy, Spud, and Gilligan will carry on her legacy in harness. Still early in his training, he is proving he has what it takes!


    Orion is grateful to Margaret Black of Pullman, Washington for sponsoring his run to Nome!

NorthWapiti's Draco
A little goofier and ganglier version of his brother Orion, 'Draco' is impossible not to love!

    Draco excited to announce that Mark's Uncle Peter and MaryAnn Yacyshyn have been nice enough to sponsor his run to Nome!

NorthWapiti's Casseopia
'Cassie' is working hard to ensure a position on the team. I think she will be there!


Camilla is grateful to her friends, Joan and Melody McMurphy of Grande Prairie, Alberta for sponsoring her!

NorthWapiti's Lyra
We expect 'Lyra' to be one of our up coming 'dual purpose' dogs. Already pointed in the show ring and proving her worth in harness.


    Lyra wishes to thank the good folks at the Shamrock Kennel & Obedience Club in Yorkton, Saskatchewan for sponsoring her!


Chuchinka's Pearls
'Lacey' spend some time in a sprint kennel, but recently came to us to try her hand at distance. So far - so good!


    Maureen Lamb of Ottawa, Ontario has been nice enough to sponsor Lacey! Thanks Maureen!


Chuchinka's Pathfinder
There is just not enough I can say about 'Chester'. When we first met him at 5 weeks of age - we just knew he was a born leader. At 2 he is already living up to that promise. Confident and fearless - he is a special boy!


    Chester has been sponsored by Nancy Ingram and the Golden Retrievers of Heartprint Kennels in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We greatly appreciate her enthusiastic support!


Kainai's Anchorman
'Manny' is a recent (and handsome) addition to our kennel! This strong, young dog is going to fit well into our team!


    Manny has been sponsored by the one business that exists in our hometown of Perryvale - the Perryvale Country Store! Thanks to Phyllis and Patty!


Turick's Sand Storm
'Jetty' started off her career as a sprint dog in the US. After a time living a life of luxury in Lethbridge, she is now going to try her 'paw' at distance running!


Jetty has been sponsored.

Ch. NorthWapiti's Against All Odds
'Norman' is a very unique and lovable boy! A favorite in the kennel - for sure!


    Norman has been sponsored by Ann and Jerry Nagy of Edmonton.


Kainai's Spider
Although still young, 'Spidey-Dog' has already caught us in her web!


    Spider has been sponsored by my excellent chiropractor - Dr. Kurt Deutscher. Thanks Kurt!

Northome's Visa
'Visa' is our newest addition. Her breeders, Al and Ann Stead, tell me that they named her Visa because she 'is everywhere you want to be'.


    Visa has been sponsored by : Her Littermates (Northome's Elle, BB the Mouse, Magic, Molly & Silver) and T & M Beers (and Northome's Spooky Too) and S & H Knight (and Northome's Emmett). Thanks to you all and to Ann and Al Stead for putting the Sponsorship Group together!

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