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Iditarod 2005 - Tales from the Trail

January 21, 2005

Orion's Harness

I know it is unusual for me to do two diary entries for one day Ė but this is special and needed itís own entry.


My friend Teri Turner wrote (and cross stitched up, so I could hang it up on my wall. BIG thanks Teri!) this lovely tribute to Orion. Iíve been waiting for the right moment to share it with you all Ė and today, the year anniversary of his passing seems like the right time.


Orionís Harness
By Teri Turner

Do you know the Siberian grin?
You know the one, where you ask
Where have you been?

Few can say they have his miles,
That is his answer as he smiles.
Destined to finish the Iditarod
Years of training with the quad.

Oh, the miles his paws have tread,
Among the many he has led.
Traveling along,
No need to look to the shadow, 
A gliding light, 
The others knowingly follow.

A glance in the freshly fallen snow,
An extra set of paw prints in a row
Between Galena and Nulato he shall stay,
On a trail he loved that cold, cold, crisp day.
A memories postcard through all eternity,
Beautiful and strong is what youíll see.

And if you look closely on this team, 
Orionís spirit will surely beam.

I still miss you and think of you often, Bud.


Karen's Diary - 2005 Edition

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