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Iditarod 2005 - Tales from the Trail

March 15, 2005

Draco in Lead

I was jarred awake at 7:00 this morning by a ringing phone, on the other end was my little ray of sunshine. The normally talkative Karen was quiet, when she did talk she sounded tired and beat up. Her plan today is to leave Kaltag and run until it warms up then stop and camp. When it cools off she will continue on to Unalakleet. Once chores are taken care of Iím sure that she will order a pizza. She says that the pizza in Unalakleet is best pizza in the world, maybe this will pick up her spirits.

I think that Hugh Neff summed up the race best in todayís newspaper, ďThis has been horrible.Ē

Karen did mention that she was running Draco in single lead out of the checkpoints then swapping him out with Moe when they were down the trail.

I screwed up yesterday, the dogs that I picked up were Grover and Dasher. Skor, Surge and Kara still havenít showed up at the prison. As I was driving to the prison yesterday, a guy passed me on a motorcycle and I saw someone driving a Corvette convertible.

I leave for Nome tomorrow morning. I should be there in plenty of time to see the winner cross the finish line. Iíll have time to check out Fritz in the museum, and above the museum is a library with computers and high speed internet access, so Iíll be able to do some surfing in Nome.

Later, Mark

BTW: When I said goodbye to Karen this morning she said ďsee you in Nome.Ē

Karen's Diary - 2005 Edition

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