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Iditarod 2005 - Tales from the Trail

July 14, 2004

Sissy's Battle

Over the last few months a very special dog in our lives, Sissy has been waging a fierce battle with cancer. As many of you know, Sissy was a very dependable, strong leader in my team for a number of years. Among her accomplishments she boasts finishes in the Knik 200, Klondike 300, Race to the Sky and Iditarod.

She has also always been an extra special dog in the heart of Mark. A year or so ago Mark made the very selfless decision to let Sissy retire to a wonderful home with Donna Quante. After working through a few settling in issues (Donna's poor cats!!), Sissy and her new family were just getting comfortable with each other when a lump on her elbow was diagnosed as cancer. Bless Donna - she quickly went on the offensive and was determined to obtain the best care possible for Sissy. For many months things were touch and go as Sissy went through aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Donna was great at keeping us posted about Sissy's condition.

Sissy has shown Donna and her vets what Mark and I already knew - she is one tough cookie. She has battle back strongly and it looks like, for now, she is out of the woods. We are all thrilled.

Today is Sissy's 10th Birthday. Mark and I would like to publicly give Donna our heartfelt thanks for giving Sissy the most precious gifts of all - happiness, love and life.

Have a great birthday Sis - maybe you can actually catch one of those pesky squirrels today.


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