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Iditarod 2008 - 'Future Star' Sponsors

As part of our fundraising, this year we are offering the opportunity to sponsor one of our future stars. For $100 Cdn. sponsors get their name listed on this website, a certificate and some other cool NorthWapiti 2008 Iditarod memorabilia and the opportunity to sponsor the same dog in the future when part of the main training pool. (Click this link for information on currency exchange rates.)

None of these young dogs will be considered for the Iditarod 2008 team - these are the young dogs that we are watching grow and develop.

Sponsorship :
Payable To:
Karen Ramstead
Mailed To: Colleen Hovind
Box 163
Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada
S0G 0W0

Or via PayPal

(Click on each dog's picture to visit their individual page)

Future Stars

Dog Sponsorship Bio & Details


NorthWapiti's Banshee
(Herman x Roary)
Banshee lives up to her name! She is an outstandingly put together young girl, who is showing promise of her Daddy's drive in harness!


NorthWapiti's Detonator
(Draco x Hilda)
Nate is still a baby puppy - but if fence climbing translates well to work in harness - this boy is going to be a STAR!

NorthWapiti's Comet
(Draco x Hilda)

Still a youngster, but Comet is a dynamite girl with a dynamite attitude.

NorthWapiti's Rocket
(Draco x Hilda)
Karen's favourite of the 'Firecrackers'. Quick, smart, light on her feet and sweet to the core.



Kazlo's Trigger of NorthWapiti
(Chester x Whinny)
Trigger is another 'black sheep' in color compared to the rest of her littermates. The other four puppies from this litter are red & white. Trigger is a very nice mini-Chester



Kazlo's Shooter of NorthWapiti
(Chester x Whinny)
Shooter is a mini Eeek.


NorthWapiti's Do The Dew
(Butch x Jumper)
Well, chubby and not proving to be the brightest puppy we have ever met, we hope Dew grows up to be a hard worker!


NorthWapiti's Casey
(Q x Sprite)
Casey is just the cutest thing. Little, super busy and super affectionate. You just can't help but love her!

Carmack's Wifi of NorthWapiti
(Squeaky x Spot)
Wifi was a 'stud puppy' back from Mike and Kathy Carmichael. He is a very light on his feet and busy boy. Commonly referred to as Wiffie - just to bug Kathy!!

Our "2008 Sponsor-A-Dog" Sponsors

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