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North Wapiti Siberian Husky Kennels
Gone...but not forgotten

NorthWapiti's Little Buddy SDU
(BIS, BISS Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy SD x Meomar's Miss Liberty)

August 3rd, 1991 - December 3, 2005

Since his first season in harness, whenever Buddy ran, he was our main leader. Although very shy around strangers, he knew his job in harness and will willingly led the team through crowds. 

Up until being dropped from the team in Shaktoolik in Iditarod 2000, he had never been dropped in any race - he was always there for us! A great leader and a great friend! 

Buddy was a very beloved friend and more then a small piece of my heart and soul slipped away with him.

Update - Summer 2004

When Buddy was 13 - he still looked fabulous. He resided in Geriatric Park with Oreo (who was not a geriatric, but who had made it very clear to us that she was done being a sled dog) - and right next to his brothers, Spud and Howl. He remained very, very special to me then and he always will be. Buddy started running lead at under 1 year of age and was my main leader for many, many years/races - including my first Iditarod. An amazing dog that I adored.

Update - Summer 2005
Rules are made to be broken

Buddy's Tribute

Major Races
Race to the Sky
Knik 200
Klondike 300 (multiple finishes)
Iditarod 2000

Current Working Status
Rainbow Bridge Brigade

Buddy's  Photo Gallery
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Buddy in harness Buddy at about 6 months Buddy as a young pup

The "Gilligan's Island" Litter

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