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Gone...but not forgotten

Charlie Charlie

NorthWapiti's Charlie CD, SD, TT
(Meomar's Lightning x Meomar's Miss Liberty)

February 21, 1990 - January 3, 2004

Charlie’s Tribute

We've lost a number of dogs over the years and a number of very special ones in the last year, but none more special in my eyes then this one. It has taken me two days to be able to share this news and every word of this eulogy has been accompanied by tears.

Charlie was a character. Well known in schools, old folk homes, and various other public places, Charlie made friends wherever he went!! A true ambassador for the breed. Charlie worked on his Open Obedience degree for 3 years, never once getting a leg, but at one time or another performing each exercise (just never altogether). 

A good friend once told me that some dogs make very big contributions to the dog game, not by their accomplishments in the ring or on the trail, but by making you fall in love with the breed. Charlie was the Siberian Husky that did that to me!!!

Charlie was the dog that inspired my PASSION for the breed. His love for life, his special spirit and his wicked sense of humor will always be the standard every other Siberian in my life will need to live up to.

My world is a duller place as of Saturday.


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