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NorthWapiti's Do You Yahoo
February 2004

We just had our big race of the year here in Winnipeg, the Festival du Voyageur Internation Sled Dog Classic. My son Sean raced NorthWapiti's Do You Yahoo (Yahoo) and a friend's sibe in the 3.7 mile 2 dog kicksled event and placed second in a time of 22 minutes. That included a tangle and a wipeout all within the first 1/2 mile. It was a very fast, technical trail with plenty of tight turns and ups and downs. Our trails are usually dead flat and straight so this was a real test of driving. I raced the next day with our other sibe, Chimini's Remington Steele, in the 3.7 mile skijor event and came second in a time of 20 minutes.

Note: Yahoo is out of Ch. Kainai's Anchorman and Turrick's Sand Storm.

Karen A
Winnipeg Canada

Sean Armstrong, Steele (left), and Yahoo (right - NorthWapiti's Do You Yahoo)
cruise to victory in a 2 dog race in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Photographer - Ken Gigiliotti, Winnipeg Free Press.

Family News

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