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January 2005

We just got back from the Craftsbury True Companion Race. There were 18 teams in our class (4 dogs, 15 miles), 13 teams were Siberians. We had cold temps with a high of zero. We were also required to carry a sled full of gear.

Kelly finished 3rd with a time of 1:38:35 - her team was:
Lincoln (Odie x Kaylinn) - Dodge (Grover son)
Decal (Smiley x Lyra) - Tracker (Smiley son)

Kim finished 4th with a time 1:46:15 - my team was:
Darka - Sahara (Lyra daughter)
Storm - Holly

We are very happy with our results and we came home with $135 in prize money! :)

Our friend Jaye Foucher of Sibersong Siberians finished the 6 dog 30 miler in 11th place (she did get lost and did a few extra miles). She would have been very close to coming in as high as 5th if she hadn't taken the wrong turn! Her team was:

Anthem (Grover son) & Kadee
Maja & Magik (Smiley daughter)
McKinley (Grover daughter) & Dawson (Smiley x Lyra)

There were also more teams out there with dogs from Karen's stock. Mike Ellis did the 60 miler in 6 hrs with Romeo (Grover son) even though Mike took a wrong turn (I also understand pretty much all the 60 milers got lost!)

Susan Bain was in the 15 miler with us in her first 'longer' race. She finished a nice 6th - on her team was Taiga (Smiley x Lyra).

Richard Block was also in the 15 miler and finished 9th with a time of 2:36:06. He had Jack (Lyra son) in wheel on his team.

Scott Isabelle did the 8 mile Skijor in 40 mins with Blizzard and Nori (Smiley son).

Well, gotta get back to setting up Spottie's whelping pen! :)

Kim & Kelly Berg
Kelim Siberian Huskies

Family News

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