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NorthWapiti Recreational Team
April 2005

While we keep Karen and Mark updated on our NW kids, I haven't done a good job updating all the NorthWapiti fans. Since our NW family recently grew- I thought I'd take a moment to let you know how the Finner household has changed over the past 2 years.

About 2 years ago after the unexpected loss of our first siberian (NW System Crash), Karen emailed us and said, "if and when" we were ready she had a nice little girl she thought would fit nicely in our home. 

NorthWapiti's System Crash

I'm not sure we ever thought we would be ready again, but we said okay. Into our lives came NW Born To Run aka "Lou". Lou looks very much like her daddy Grover. She is smart, feisty, hyper, opinionated, and very much a leader. She also loves belly rubs :) It didn't take long for her to steal our hearts. We had also recently met Kim and Kelly Berg ( They live close to us and trained even closer. They asked if we would like to hook up Lou with their puppy team and see what she could do. After running backwards in harness in the beginning, she started figuring out what she needed to do. Around this time we acquired a sled. One husky, one sled--doesn't work real well.

NorthWapiti's Lou


A year ago, we welcomed NW Lyra (Draco's litter mate) into our family. Lyra had been living with the Bergs and had produced 3 beautiful litters of puppies. She is the sweetest, and calmest of dogs. She settled right into the pampered house dog life. She is also an expert escape artist :) She and Lou quickly became best friends although Lou's energy sometimes gets to Lyra. Lyra is not as energetic as Lou in harness but she is a good steady puller. She would rather visit or roll in the snow, but any other time she runs well for us. We had a bad winter last year (2004) and the snow was gone when she arrived at our home. So--- my family bought me a training cart for my birthday. This opened up a whole new world and is so much fun. Again- the Bergs said, "come train with us, you can run some of our yearlings for us". Well after running 3-4 dog teams.....

NorthWapiti's Lyra


We decided having 4 dogs might be nice and we put out the word that we MIGHT be interested in 1-2 dogs up to 2 years of age for our recreational team. We have also been hoping to have a litter of pups with Lyra. Unfortunately her heat cycle has not been cooperating. A few dogs were offered to us from various places but due to this years abundant snowfall we haven't been able to get more kennels in. Then the Bergs said "How about Paige"? She is a NW Lyra x NW Smiley pup. Paige ran with us last fall and we immediately said yes. She is still living with the Bergs because we still can't get a kennel up. Hopefully she will join our family in the next few weeks. We can't wait.

Sibersongs Kelim Moment I Spotted U


Less than 2 weeks ago, we got a very surprising email saying NW Elim (Grover x Spot) might be available-would we be interested. WELL- DUH? We waited (didn't want to seem too anxious) and contacted Karen and Mark the next day and told them if she was available- we were interested. Two days later this 8 week old bundle of energy came to live with us. Her personality is very similar to her sister Lou's. She is very smart, and all puppy. She is a great playmate for Lou and sleeping buddy for Lyra.  We are thrilled with her. We can't wait to watch her her grow and see what she does in harness. The Bergs have said we can come with them and train her with her brother Togo next winter............

NorthWapiti's Elim


Thanks to Karen, Mark, Kim, and Kelly for this new adventurous lifestyle :) 

Donna, Doug, Lou, Lyra, Elim, soon to be here-Paige and ?

Family News

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