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Gone...but not forgotten

{short description of image} Gilligan

NorthWapiti's Gilligan SD
(BIS, BISS Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy SD x Meomar's Miss Liberty)

August 3, 1991 - December 8, 2003

Gilligan’s Tribute

Gilligan was a 'boomerang' dog - sold as puppy, he returned home when his owners moved into an apartment. He then lived for 3 years running with a team of Alaskans and then when his owner decided to give up running, Gill came back to stay with us. 

In 1997, Gilligan had his best season, leading for most of the racing. After that he retired for a while with a friend who was a BIG fan of his. After the friend had some health problems, Gilligan came home for good!

Although the sky is bright tonight (December 8, 2003), with the full moon drowning out any chance of Northern Lights here, I feel certain that they are dancing somewhere with bright splashes of red.

This evening we said goodbye to one of our family - NorthWapiti's Gilligan SD. This big, red dog was a staple at the front of our team for a number of years. He was a finisher of the Race to the Sky, Klondike 300 and Knik 200.

Despite the fact that we will greatly miss this happy go lucky boy, it's hard to find too much regret in his life and death. He lived a good, happy life and left it as he lived it - with people that loved and cared about him. I wish nothing less for each of my canine companions.

Gill had a number of special folks in his life besides us that also loved him. We know in particular his friend, Roger Morey will also be remembering him fondly and mourning his passing.

Godspeed Gilligan.


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