Born: June 21st, 2008

Kelly and her sister, Kim (named after our good friends, Kim and Kelly Berg of Kelim Siberians) are two of the bounciest, happiest puppies you could ever meet. Kelly is a touch more dainty then her sister, but most people can hardly even tell these 2 bundles of energy apart!

Major Races
2011 Rail Trail 200, Neckbone 120

Current Working Status
Race Veteran

with NorthWapiti's Turtle (Tig, Chibs, Opie, Charm, Spock)

Kelly's Photo Gallery & Pedigree
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Chlout's Moses of Velikaya
Moses January 2007
Smokey II Of Velikaya Sandy Of Velikaya Moxies Weasel Of Velikaya
Mitzie Of Velikaya
Salt Of Velikaya Moxies Weasel Of Velikaya
Mitzie Of Velikaya
Buffy Of Velikaya Snowbound Dimitri Of Tokala Sandy River's Trapper
Riv'ndell's Tokala Of Tonweya
Little Girl Of Velikaya Oakcrests John Of Icy Point
Duchess Of Denali
Ch. NorthWapiti's Valkyrie Kara
Tumnatki's Bosun NorthWapiti
Meomar's Faux Pas
Meomar's Independence
Meomar's Cat Ballou
Spindrift's Shulaces
Northome's Sayak At Spindrift
Spindrift's Buttons
Chuchinka's Dance In The Wind, SDX
Chuchinka's Sheen Jek
BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Chuchinka's Shawn Boy, SD
Can. Ch. BISS/BIS Chuchinka's Susitna Kiska
Chelyuskin's Mila
Atim's Trapper
Chelyuskin's Promise