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 Gorgeous Orion

NorthWapiti's Orion the Hunter
 (NorthWapiti's Butch Cassidy SD x Ch.NorthWapiti's S.S. Minnow SDX, TT)

November 5, 1997 - January 21, 2004

Orion's Tribute

While training in Alaska for Iditarod 2004, Orion's health took a dramatic turn. Highly skilled veterinarians worked with us to try to save him, but when the chance of saving him no longer outweighed the pain, the wrenching decision to let him go was made. With my head against his and me whispering in his ear, this once beautiful, strong athlete left us. He was 6 years old, a main leader, a finisher of Iditarod, Race to the Sky, John Beargrease Marathon, Grand Portage Passage, Knik 200, Klondike 300 and more. This season alone he had traveled 1400 miles of trail with me.

He is being cremated and I've already decided where his ashes will go. Last year on Iditarod we had a spectacular run from Galena to Nulato on a cold, crisp morning. We were fresh off our 24 hour break and the dogs were raring to run. Ironically, I don't remember who the other leader was, but I remember Orion being up front and remember stopping to give them all a snack. Orion was rolling around in the snow and grinning a big Siberian grin. It was so obvious that he was loving what he was doing. His passion for the trail shone from inside. That's how I will remember him and that's where his ashes will go. 

You were so, so loved, my friend.

Big and lovable certainly described this boy. Orion was quite possibly the strongest dog we have ever owned. He was very, very powerful and fast.

Major Races
Klondike 300
Iditarod 2000
Grand Portage Passage
Iditarod 2001
Iditarod 2003
Race to the Sky
John Beargrease Marathon

Current Working Status
Rainbow Bridge Brigade

Orion's Photo Gallery
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Orion Orion Orion Orion

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