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Iditarod 2008 - Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following individuals and companies
that are supporting our Iditarod 2008 run.
Sponsorship checks can be mailed to:
Karen Ramstead
Box 9
Perryvale, Alberta
T0G 1T0

Or sent via PayPal


Lead Dog Sponsors
$2000 Cdn

If mushers are coaches of a dog team, then lead dogs are the quarterbacks! Generally the fastest and most responsive dogs on the team. Good lead dogs make or break a dog team! They shoulder a lot of responsibility, setting the pace down the trail and listening for the mushers commands! Of course, everyone knows my favorite leader had been Grover, but now that he is gone, there are a number of other wonderful, hardworking leaders in our kennel that I can rely on (actually almost every dog in the pool runs lead at one time or another!).

Doug & Donna Finner


Swing Dog Sponsors
$1500 Cdn

Swing dogs are the dogs right behind the leaders. Normally the dogs here are also fully trained lead dogs or leaders in training. It is their responsibility to 'swing' the team around corners! Having a strong 'Front Four' is a real plus in a race!

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Team Dog Sponsors
$1000 Cdn

Team dogs make up the bulk of a dog team. Lead dogs, swing, and wheel dogs all get chances to take a break from the other positions and run in the team! One of the most valuable spots in the team is right in front of wheel. I generally use this for dogs that are sore or a little ill, as they are close enough to keep an eye on but not in the demanding wheel position. In the middle of the team hang out the big powerhouses in our group.

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Wheel Dog Sponsors
$500 Cdn

Wheel dogs are the power house of a dog team. The dogs immediately in front of the sled, they have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the team! Traditionally, the biggest, toughest dogs on the team are used in wheel. We do things a little different, though - I like a little smaller and very athletic but still tough dog for this position. It is very important to rotate the dogs out of wheel regularly - wheel dogs are the most prone to back injuries.

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Our Other Sponsors!
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Happy Feet Sponsors
Sponsor-A-Dog Sponsors
(Includes pictures and brief descriptions of team candidates)

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