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Iditarod Finishing Champions

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North Wapiti Siberian Husky Kennels

Tumnatki's Bosun NorthWapiti - Born: June 22nd, 1995
(Meomar's Faux Pas x Spindrift's Shulaces)

Striker is a character. He has many unique and interesting quirks to his personality. Underneath it all is one solid, dependable working dog! (More info on Striker).

Read Striker's Tribute.

Major Races
Iditarod 2000
Iditarod 2001 Finisher
Klondike 300

Current Working Status

Striker's Photo Gallery
(click to enlarge image - hold mouse over image for description)
Striker Striker Striker At a Checkpoint on Iditarod Trail
Striker as a pup with his mom, Gitana

Striker's Pedigree


July 16, 2003 5 puppies with Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose
  - The "Noise" Litter -
July 17, 1999 8 puppies with Mult. BIS Ch. Chuchinka's Dance In The Wind, SDX "Breezy"
  - The "Norse Gods" Litter -

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